Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to Sexually Please Your Wife

Marriage is a funny thing. When it works, it's wonderful. And when things are rough, it can be a struggle to remember all the good things, and the reason why you got married in the first place.

And, let's face it, good sex is the cornerstone of a healthy, successful marriage. If things aren't right in the bedroom, it can add stress and tension to our already troubled lives that none of us really need.

The reasons you should learn to please your wife in the bedroom are pretty obvious. The better the sex she has, the more sex she will want. In addition, she will be more relaxed, easy-going, and your marriage will be much stronger and close-knit.

So, what can you to sexually please your wife, and ensure that she is sexually satisfied?

Rekindle the Romance

With all the stuff that goes on in our lives, it's easy to lose sight of the romantic part of our marriage. When you've got deadlines to meet, housework to do, kids to look after, bills to pay, and all that other stuff, somehow, taking a night off to have a night to yourselves to explore your bodies, like you used to do when you started going out, seems less important.

Don't let things get that way.

As hard as it may seem to find the time, it's something you really have to do if you want to get your sex life back on track. If your wife feels pressured or stressed during sex, it won't be any good for her.

Therefore, you have to do your best to eliminate those kinds of pressures, to ensure that she receives the maximum amount of pleasure from your sexual advances.

Taking a night off is a great technique for this. No distractions, no deadlines, no pressure - just you, her, and a night of passion.

Fire Her Up

If you don't know how to create sexual attraction and sexual tension, then you have to learn.

Since you're reading this, I'm assuming your wife hasn't been as sexually satisfied as you want her to be for a little while.

The problem here is that women almost work opposite to men. For men, the less sex they have, the more they want it. For women, their level of arousal is highest when they're getting regular, powerful, orgasmic sex.

If your wife hasn't had that kind of sex in a while, you're already fighting an uphill battle. Hence, you have to put a whole lot of effort into doing things right. However, once you give her one night of powerful, orgasmic sex, you will find the next time is far, far easier.

Therefore, to give her the kind of sexual satisfaction that she is craving, you need to give her the best possible night you can.

What do you think your chance of doing that is if she is in an environment where day in, day out, she's worrying about the kids, the washing, her job, the mortgage, and all that stuff?

Taking a night off so you can do things properly is a wise investment in your sex life. Trust me here.

Final Words

If you manage to get her very, very aroused (which is easy, provided you know the secrets behind creating a ridiculous amount of sexual tension) then you're 90% of the way there. You've set the scene for her having mind-blowing multiple orgasms, and if you've followed the directions in this article, you don't have to worry about any external factors getting in your way.

Now all you have to do is connect with her sexually, and give her powerful, intense sexual stimulation.

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